Music Services

I offer a full range of music services, including:

  • Score and part preparation
  • Arranging
  • Orchestration
  • Transcription
  • Transposition

Contact me for more information and rates.


Music Preparation

Looking for that extra level of polish on your printed scores or digital sheet music? Look no further! I provide high-quality music preparation services for musical theatre, concert music, choral, jazz, and more using Sibelius or Finale.

Why hire me to prepare your music? Simply put, in rehearsal, every second counts. I'll make your score as clean and clear as it can possibly be and ask the questions before your music hits the music stands. The less time spent with players asking "Is this an F-sharp or F-natural?", the more time spent rehearsing your music.


Arranging and Orchestration

Have a great melody but not sure how to create a piano accompaniment? Need stunning orchestrations for your new musical? How about a new medley of hit songs for your orchestra's upcoming concert? I'm here for all your arranging and orchestration needs. Contact me with details about your project and let's make some music!



Scoring Express Theatre & Studio templates for Sibelius (above) designed by Joseph Trefler for NYC Music Services. Templates are available for purchase from Notation Central.